Keya Ganatra

  • Work Experience: Peer Tutor Program: Spring 2018 to Fall 2019; Subject to be determined (likely 09-105 Modern Chemistry I) Minimum of 5 hours/week helping students clarify conceptual misunderstandings as well as bridging the gap between STEM and Humanities in terms of the confusing phrasing of technical questions posing a barrier to students who think visually as well as foreign students. Internship Experience: “Rethink the Rink”: World's First Ice Hockey Make-a-thon by Covestro Materials: March 2018 1 of 25 CMU students selected to work on developing material solutions in the CIT MakerWing to the challenge of prototyping new ice hockey walls that still allow regular movement of the puck but reduce player injuries. I will get learn about sports safety from the Penguins and cutting-edge materials from Covestro and even attend a Penguins game in the process! Organizations: Chemical Engineering Car: Fall 2018 and on Worked on H2O2 – decomposition pressure-based stopping mechanism Labwork involved varying reactant and catalyst concentrations and catalysts [including MnO2, Fe2O3, and CuO] in preparation for April 2017 ChemE Car Regional Competition. Indian Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam): 2004 and on I performed my ‘Arangetram’ (3 hour solo graduation performance alongside live musicians upon which guru certifies student to teach others) in Summer 2017 and continue to practice in my free time at university.
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I'm a first-year Carnegie Mellon University Chemical Engineering major pursuing a minor in Colloids, Polymers, and Surfaces. After my undergraduate degree, I plan on pursuing my masters in the same field and then either pursuing my post-doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, or Chemistry. I'm interested in mapping technology as a means of helping the visualization process and am interested in exploring the energy industry through working as a process engineer and working on optimization processes.